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Superior Driving Academy

Drive Safe! Drive Smart! Drive Superior!

Updated: 01/18/22

Teen Schedule Updated from January-May


Online Classroom Students:

We ARE accepting a small number of students!

Sign-Up during office hours:

Tuesdays 3-8p

Thursdays 4-6p

Fridays 4-6p

Address: 1251 Lexington Ave, Mansfield, OH 44907


** Transfer Students from Ruth's**

- Due to the unfortunate passing of Ruth, we know many of you (250 or so students) are in need of driving hours. We realize many of you have already waited 4-6 months and haven't received any drive times. We ask for patience and understanding as we try to help get your drives back on track. 

With that being said, below will be our current plan for moving forward:

Sign-Up during office hours:

Tuesdays 3-8p

Thursdays 4-6p

Fridays 4-6p

Address: 1251 Lexington Ave, Mansfield, OH 44907

Items to bring:

- copy or picture of student's permit

-documentation from Ohio Driver Training (this document will show what credit your child is receiving from previous training at Ruth's), if you haven't received it yet, that's okay. 

- Payment (see below)

What to Expect:

1. Current students at Superior will have priority. They signed up with us, originally!

2. We will work as hard as we can to help get students done!

3. Please understand that normally this process takes 2-3 months.

4. My goal (Lisa) is to get kids done as quickly as possible so that means a lot of drive times will be during the day, possibly some evening and weekends. We need parents/students to be accommodating and willing to be patient. 

Payment: (cash, check, debit or credit card)

8 hrs= $350.00

6 hrs= $263.00

4 hrs= $175.00

2 hrs= $88.00

Thank You for your patience and understanding at this time! 

We look forward to working with you!!

Students and Parents are responsible for reading and following these policies prior to attending EVERY classroom and in-car sessions!

Policies Covid-19 In-Car Instruction

Student Checklist- extremely important!!!

Our Program is in-depth and thoroughly covers all required Ohio Driver Training Curriculum. Each student will receive an outline that covers each classes materials. Parents are able to see exactly what we are learning! We consider it of prime importance that parents are an active part of their child's education. We believe that by all of us working together, we can make this learning process successful! 

Flexible Class Schedule

Our program is ideal for students with busy schedules due to school, sports, church, jobs, or other activities.

Students may begin classes ANY day, and then be done in 2 weeks (if they start at the beginning of a session) or on their own schedule! Take classes in any order as long as all 6 are completed. Remember, students may begin class at 15 & 5 months of age!

Classroom Instruction Includes: discussions, lectures, study of the driver's manual, videos, games, & preparation for the knowledge test

Drive Schedule

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction: practice and reinforcement of driving skills, preparation for road test

Drive in weeks (after full payment), no waiting list for 4-6+ months to drive or be scheduled.  Maneuverability made easy, taught on second and third drives!

Flexible Payments

Tuition is $375.00, start classes with $100.00 down! Tuition includes 24 hrs of classroom instruction & 8 hours of BTW (Behind-the-Wheel Training) with an instructor. 

Gift Certificates are also available!

Perfect Gift for a teenager!

Buy now and use it later! No expiration!

Superior Driving Academy is a licensed driver education program dedicated to offering comprehensive safe driving instruction for all ages (beginning at 15 & 5 months old) in Richland County and other surrounding counties. 

Mansfield Location:

1251 Lexington Ave, Suite 3

Mansfield, OH 44907

Students may not attend class and drive with an instructor on the same day.

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Be Alert! Be a Defensive Driver!


Speeding is one of the leading causes of collisions.