Superior Driving Academy

Drive Safe! Drive Smart! Drive Superior!

Private Instruction- For adults, 18 and older, who have NOT attempted the driver exam.

$40.00 an hour

*** We currently are not offering private instruction. We might resume private instruction when teens go back to school in September. 

*** Private instruction is only available during morning hours between 9 am -1 pm

** Please call to discuss this option!

Abbreviated Adult Program- Only for those who have failed the driver exam

Starting July 1, 2017, adults 18 years and older who have never held a driver license before and who fail their first attempt at maneuverability and/or the road test are required to take an Abbreviated Adult Training Course. We offer one of the following courses:

Abbreviated Adult Classroom Only: $50.00

* 4 hours of classroom training- completed in 1 day (see upcoming class schedule below)

Abbreviated Adult Behind-the-Wheel Only: $180.00

* 4 hours of in-car instruction with a licensed driving instructor- completed in 2 days ( 2 hours each day scheduled) 

Abbreviated Adult Classroom and Behind-the Wheel: $220.00 (save $10.00)

* 4 hours of classroom training and 4 hours in-car instruction with a licensed driving instructor

Class Scheduled

** please call to reserve a spot




At this time, no classes are currently scheduled for this course. 


1251 Lexington Avenue, 

Mansfield, OH 44907