Superior Driving Academy

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 Course Description

Full Driver Education Program- 32 hours of training


*start with $100 down*

24 hours of classroom training, 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training, outline for each class, gas and certificate fees. Age: 15, 5 months and older

Abbreviated Adult Course

  Depends on Service

Starting July 1, 2017- Adults (18 years and older) who have never held a license before and who fail their first attempt at the maneuverability and/or road test are required to take an Abbreviated Adult Training Course. 

  Private Instruction

  $40.00 an hour

Basic Instruction- designed to individual needs

 On-Line Student Car Portion (8 hours)

**** We only provide the in-car portion. We do not offer on-line classroom instruction. 


Includes 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training, gas and certificate fees. Students must have 2 hour on-line classroom completion certificate prior to scheduling drives. 

*Prices include all certificate fees, gasoline used & company vehicle usage, NO hidden fees!


SCRIP- 8% back

Second Child- $320.00 tuition

(same household, previous sibling attended our complete program)

Please mention at sign-up & offers cannot be combined.

These discounts are only available to those taking the full course.